Calling All Scooter Hunters!- Hunt for Transportation Excites Smith Students

Maryellen Stohlman-Vanderveen ’19
Assistant Copy Editor


What’s more fun than Pokemon Go and is stumping Smith students campus wide? Minji Kwon’s ’15 Scooters Hunt. In case you haven’t heard, the Scooters Hunt is a search for two keys which have been hidden somewhere around Smith’s campus. The clues to each key’s location are have been posted online in a Facebook group titled “Scooters Hunt (Find the Keys and my scooter is yours)” that anyone may join.

Photos of the two scooters, which will be given to the first person to find their respective keys, are posted in Kwon’s Facebook group alongside pictures of their matching key. Kwon graduated this past Spring and currently resides in South Korea, so there is little use trying to contact her to ask for a special hint.

However this has not stopped some of the hunt’s participants from trying to ask her for additional clues from her to no avail. Kwon is tight lipped with the exception of the clues she has released to us. The first hint was released on Sept. 5 and was given for the purple scooter. It read:
1. 110
2. L_ST
3. Yellow

The second hint was released later that night but was this time given for the pink scooter. It read:
1. Light out
2. Box
3. Up

The third and final hint released thus far contained two photos. The first picture was of a small, gold key (a different key than one that would turn on the scooters.) It was the type that may fit into an old padlock, locker or trunk. The second image contained a simple candle against a black background.

When asked where they thought the keys to the scooters were hidden, Liz Curran-Groome ’18 admitted, “I have no idea.”

Abby Weaver ’19 had an idea for what the clues might mean and said, “I thought the light booth [above the theater] but that was a bust. Then I thought the library, but that didn’t work out either. I’ll keep looking when I get a free moment from class. I checked out about every yellow house on campus.”

“It’s more about the hunt than the scooter,” Weaver said, “The real prize is the journey. We are all searching, not just for the scooter, but for what the scooter symbolizes — freedom of movement, something to make you stand out of the crowd, glamour.”

Kwon posted two reminders on Facebook ensuring searchers that the keys were not hidden in any Smith or private residence. Many eager students entered Haven House following the release of the first clue, as it is yellow and located at 110 Elm Street. So, as you start your scooter hunt, just be sure to respect other Smith students’ spaces.

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