Best Noms In Hadley

Tess Lane ’16
Contributing Writer

A month into school and my taste buds are already craving something different than the usual watery scrambled eggs and over-fried hash browns. The cafés and restaurants downtown are affordable and accessible, but mostly crowded. Good luck finding an available seat to do work, and bonus points for scoring a table at Woodstar on a Sunday afternoon. So if you and your taste buds are seeking a little adventure, variety and high quality food, I highly suggest jumping onto the bus or in a friend’s car and making the trip to Esselon Café right off of Route 9.

You walk in, grab a menu, order from the counter and find a table and number. At a quick glance, the prices don’t seem too steep; however, I can attest that the items add up quickly and you might do a double take when you see your total. The breakfast menu consists of the typical egg dishes, pancakes, french toast, and bagels. The counter in the front displays a variety of baked goods. Gluten-free or vegan? Fear not! Esselon has three different breakfast meals that can be gluten-free and any egg dish can be substituted with tofu scramble.

The atmosphere is informal but the café has a very “hip” vibe. There are giant burlap bags of coffee beans near the counter and the drink lists written in colored chalk on huge chalkboards. The chairs remind me of a Parisian café with their rounded tops and black and white weaving.

The food is brought to your table after a 10-minute wait and it is beyond delicious. The proportions are generous and most dishes are served with a side salad, toast, and a grilled potato cake. Plus, you can feel good about where it’s coming from, since Esselon buys most of their produce from local farmers.

At the end of the meal a server will come by and take your plates away but there is no pressure to immediately evacuate your table and hit the road. Take your time; order another drink, sit and a chat with friends. Esselon is your new oyster. I encourage you to make the trip and see for yourself what Esselon has to offer, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I can guarantee you will be licking your plate clean.

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