Ask the Editors: Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

“Every year throughout my childhood, I always found myself frantically preparing, not for the feast or the visitors, but for our annual family talent show. Each Thanksgiving, there was a desperate rush to think of something that would get us to win. Would a skit work? What about a song? How about a costumed dance to the song ‘Cactus Swing,’ as we did one year?” — Cas Sweeney ’19, Assistant Layout Editor

“My family always makes egg noodles on Thanksgiving, which I always thought was totally normal Thanksgiving food, though I realized quite recently that most people don’t make them. But they’re so delicious and pair beautifully with mashed potatoes.” — Anya Gruber ’16, Associate Editor

“I’m from Plymouth, the home of Thanksgiving, so I take it very seriously. That being said, one of my favorite Thanksgiving foods is not American; it’s Norwegian.  Lefse is a Norwegian flatbread made with potato that is cooked on a griddle, and it’s basically only used as a vessel for butter and sugar.” — Hayley Reifeiss ’18, Layout Editor

My parents always argue over who can make the best turkey, so it usually ends up with a ‘compromise’ in which my mom makes two turkeys, my dad makes at least one and all of us eat leftover turkey for what feels like the rest of our lives.” — Marie Wilken ’18, Copy Editor

“Usually my family divvies up the food responsibilities, mostly because we need more food than can possibly be made in one kitchen. My grandma always makes the turkey, and she is very particular about her process. She plans her entire schedule around when the turkey needs to be basted and checked.  Also, she names it Tom. Every year.” — Hannah Elbaum ’19, Assistant Copy Editor

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