An Interview with Quick Brown Fox, Five Colleges Literary Magazine

Rebecca Raskin ’16
Assistant Features Editor


What is Quick Brown Fox?

Emma Binder: Quick Brown Fox is the literary journal of the Five Colleges that hosts events [and] readings and releases a publication once a year. We aim to build a community of writers that connects the colleges and fosters collaboration and unity.

What draws you to being involved in QBF?

Soph Martin: Non-writers kind of bore me.

Googie Daniels: I live for creating publications. And writing. And Emma Binder.

Stephanie Rich: I want to help spread locally-grown poetry, so eventually poetry can take over the world.

What makes good writing?

Emma Ginader: I have been writing poetry since I was little. However, since starting college, I’ve been busy working on my journalism skills so I didn’t have a lot of time to write poetry. I joined QBF to have an excuse to start writing poems again and meet other poets.

EB: I’d say a willingness to take risks, surprise people and play.

SM: Intentional lines, no sappy stuff and rich imagery.

GD: When the dialogue sounds real. If you’re capable of making sarcasm and humor come through in dialogue, you’re halfway there in my opinion.

Which writers inspire you?

Josey Lee: I’ve been reading Sylvia Plath and Cathy Song, who inspire me in their fiercely feminine spirit. And like every aspiring American poet, Whitman underlies a lot of my work.

Chase Berggrun: I read a nearly unhealthy amount of poetry. Poets who particularly influence and inspire me: Paul Celan, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Marina Tsvetaeva, Rupert Giles, Edmond Jabes.

EB: Lately I’ve been reading Grace Krilanovich, William Vollmann, Steve Erickson, Shelley Jackson, Inger Christensen, and plenty of local writers, like Rachel B. Glaser and Mark Leidner. Also, the best poet in the game, Chase “Tae-Kwon-Don’t” Berggrun.

GD: Dashiell Hammett and Shel Silverstein. Between the two, you can’t go wrong.

What inspires you aside from books and writing?

EB: Military history and early Black Sabbath.

SM: That inspiration is a myth but black coffee can make it real. Trees, too.

GD: My little brother. He’s actually the greatest person on the planet. And anyone who can dance in public.

JL: Morrissey.

What’s your favorite word?

SM: “Spontaneity.”

GD: “Y’all.”

JL: “Simulacrum.”

CB: “Suprasternal.”


Quick Brown Fox is hosting a spooky Halloween open mic & reading at Hampshire College’s Centrum Gallery. The open mic is from 7 to 8:30 p.m., and the reading starts at 9. There will be food, drinks and ouija board summoning. Students can read their own work or their favorite spooky stories. If you’re interested in reading, email with the name of the piece you’d like to read!

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