An Exclusive Interview With a Smith Squirrel

Charlotte Palmer ’19
Contributing Writer

For this special edition, The Sophian has obtained a long-awaited interview with one of your favorite campus squirrels as she hurried between her many campus activities.

What year are you?

This is my first year at Smith. I recently moved from Richmond, Va., to come live and study here in Northampton.

Why did you come to Smith?

As soon as I set paw on the campus I knew it was the place for me. There is so much energy on campus – you can really tell by the 9 a.m. crowd that almost tramples on me every morning. Plus, it’s such a friendly environment. On top of that, you can visit all the squirrels at Amherst and Mount Holyoke whenever you want a change of pace.

What do you like most about Smith?

I like all the opportunities. Not only are there great classes and activities, but Smith also really prepares you for life after college. Last week I applied for a summer internship as a Central Park Squirrel in New York!

What do you like least about Smith?

Probably the food. It’s okay, but after awhile all the acorns taste the same. Although I should be grateful for all the vegetarian and vegan options.

How did you survive your first New England winter?

It wasn’t as bad as I had heard, but it was still so cold! I mostly hid out in Sessions during the colder weeks. You might have heard me scurrying around in the stairwell.

How do you feel about Smith as a women’s college?

It’s very freeing. I like being able fluff out my tail without worrying about what the guy squirrels might say. I might dye it fuchsia or get a Smith Chop. But more than that – it’s about the conversations you can have on campus about equal nuts for equal work and the glass tree top; it’s about putting female squirrels in all leadership positions across campus; it’s about preparing them for leadership positions in all areas. Plus, if you want some male squirrel interaction, everyone tells you that you can visit the Amherst squirrels, but really, who needs them?

What are you studying?

It’s only my first year on campus, so I’m not sure yet. I’m considering double majoring in engineering and dance, with a focus on sustainability. However, I took an economics class called Micro-Foraging and Collection that I loved.

What activities do you do at Smith?

I am an active member of Tree Council (Go Northern Red Oak Tree – biggest and best tree on campus!) and a runner on Smith’s Branch and Field team. We’re only DIII, but we beat Wellesley, so I can’t complain. I also love going to lectures and concerts and just generally being a part of campus life!

Where do you like to go in Northampton? Or let me rephrase that – what ice cream flavor do you like at Herrell’s?

Chocolate hazelnut ice cream all the way.


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