Alternative Solutions to UTI

Alice Mungyu ‘19
Features Editor

Today, one in two women will get a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in her lifetime, and one in five get recurring infections. Despite the magnitude of the problem, so much more attention goes to UTI treatment, not prevention. Uqora, a women’s health company, developed a novel treatment solution for UTIs. They have reached out to our community to address this problem head on. Uqora believes that the best way to stop a UTI is to keep it from happening in the first place. The product is developed with effective, proven ingredients and is intended for targeted use; you only need to take Uqora when you know you are at risk.

“Prioritizing preventative health care is important especially during this uncertain time. With the potential slashing of the Affordable Care Act and funding to Planned Parenthood, I think that now, more than ever, is an important moment to discuss preventative health care for women. In 2014 I had nearly 8 UTIs. Each UTI required a doctor’s visit and an antibiotic prescription. That added up at around $40 per UTI — and that was with health insurance. If I didn’t have coverage, the experience would have been even more of a nightmare and one that many women simply can’t afford,” said Jenna Ryan, co-founder of Uqora.

Alternatively, a pack of Uqora costs $3.50.

Currently, antibiotics are the only treatment for UTIs. Antibiotics come with an array of drawbacks—the prescription requires a doctor’s visit and a trip to the pharmacy which is time-consuming and costly, even with insurance. This is not to mention the growing risk of antibiotic resistance.

According to their website, Uqora is formulated using the best available clinical research and proven, natural ingredients. This unique formulation is a preventative UTI drink mix that you can add to water whenever you need it, like after sex or exercise. Uqora’s ingredients inhibit bacteria from adhering to the urethra wall and also leverage mild diuretics to flush the fluid more quickly than the body could on its own. Unlike most solutions, it does not require daily usage, making it far more affordable and targeted. With Uqora, women can be proactive about their health, avoiding costly, time-consuming doctor’s visits and over-using antibiotics.

Uqora was created by Spencer Gordon—a 2012 graduate of University of California, Berkeley with a B.S. in Molecular Environmental Biology and concentration in Biochemistry. The idea for Uqora came to Spencer after watching his girlfriend (and now business partner) suffer from urinary tract infections for years. Gordon set out to find a solution for Jenna and the 57 million other women who suffer from urinary tract infections that didn’t require frequent doctor visits and antibiotics.

After a successful beta launch, Uqora has improved their product, updated their packaging and is poised to amplify Uqora’s mission. With its launch, Uqora will be available as a 3-pack for those who are curious to try Uqora but not ready for a full box. Uqora will be available for purchase beginning Feb 15.

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