About the Sophian

Mission Statement

The Sophian, “believing that freedom of expression and debate by means of a free and vigorous student press is essential to the effectiveness of an educational community in a democratic society,” will attempt at all times to be a vehicle of expression. It shall reach that purpose through full and accurate reporting of the news, through expression of the opinions of its Editorial Board and through the open forum of its letters column. It shall endeavor to maintain at all times high journalistic standards, especially those of fairness and accuracy.


Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Katherine Hazen 17

Associate Editors: Tyra Wu 19

Managing Editor: Nina Xue 18

Web Editor: Tinli Yarrington 18 & Becky Shen 19

Layout Editor: Luming Yuan 20

Copy Editor: Sophia Wilson 20

Assistant Copy Editor: Danielle Colburn 20

News Editor: Sunnie Ning 18

Features Editor: Alice Mungyu 19

Arts Editor: Marissa Hank 20

Assistant Arts Editor: Patience Kayira 20

Opinions Editor: Emily Kowalik 18

Assistant Opinions Editor: Zoya Azhar 20

Sports Editor: Cameo Tjetje 18

Assistant Sports Editor: Maddy Hubbard 19

Photo Editor: Jen Zhu 18 & Leslie Vincente Soto 18

Assistant Photo Editor: Katie Heald 18

Video Editor: Destiny Wiley-Yancy 20

Social Media Editor: Laura Green 18

Assistant Social Media Editor: Danielle Colburn 20



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