A Smithies’ Guide to Surviving New England Winters

Anna Casasco ’19
Contributing Writer

Experiencing the frigid New England weather can be quite a shock for Smith students, especially if home is somewhere on the West Coast, in the South or some warm-weathered locale abroad. Although I am from Maryland, where I experience the four seasons, these winters can still be brutal.

Smithies can deal with this weather in a couple of ways. One way is just locking yourself in your room for the entirety of the winter season, pleading with your professors to let you submit everything online and then getting class notes from a friend who is brave enough to step foot outside and expose themselves to potential frostbite. If that doesn’t work, though, you can just do what I did: invest in a warm winter coat, fleece gloves, a big scarf, thick socks and, most importantly, winter boots.

A winter coat is your shield, and wearing a nice sweater underneath can help a lot too, but make sure the winter coat is big enough to be comfortable with your biggest sweater! Having a hood or wearing a hat can help a lot too, so your ears don’t get too cold!

Your fingers and toes get cold fast, making them the easiest parts of your body to get frostbite if you neglect proper winter materials. This makes your gloves, socks and winter boots all the more important. I seriously thought my fingers were going to fall off when I was walking to dinner a few weeks ago because I forgot my gloves in my room. Frostbite is painful – trust me, don’t get to that level of coldness. Covering your neck is important too.

Another way to make sure you can still stay warm and go to class is to take a travel mug with coffee or tea with you in the morning. I received a to-go coffee mug during winter break and it has been a lifesaver. Sipping on some hot coffee or tea in the morning with your gloves on while walking to class can make such a difference in your mood. It definitely has in mine.

Even though we have been experiencing some warm winter days, we have also lived through the wretched New England winter we were all warned about before coming to Smith. I’m sure we’ll experience more of those bitter cold days before spring rolls around. But for now, follow these reminders, and the cold temperatures will be, at the very least, more bearable. Stay warm, Smithies!

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