3, Company or Crowd?

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This one in from one of our readers:

What is the smoothest way to initiate a threesome with two other people? How would you approach it differently if they are acquaintances with each other or with you or are dating each other?

I’ll be upfront with you all: I’ve never initiated a threesome. I’ve partaken in an orgy and been petitioned for a threesome, but I haven’t yet had the pleasure. However, let’s break it down and take a common sense approach to the task at hand.

You’d like to initiate a threesome. You’re interested in having sex with two acquaintances or a couple. Each of these brings up separate things to consider, so let’s dive in.

With a couple, it’s possible they’ve been considering opening up their relationship to a threesome. I see at least two options here, depending on your relationship with the individuals in the couple. The first is to casually mention it to the partner with whom you are closest. Asking them if they’ve ever considered a threesome and getting a feel for their reaction may be a good start. Alternatively, getting together with the couple over a meal or drinks may give you a chance to bring it up. It’s possible it might be a little awkward, but they’ll likely take it as a compliment that you find them both attractive, regardless of their feelings about bringing a third person into their bed. Be brave!

With acquaintances, it’s less likely they’ve already thought about having a threesome. This situation might require a little more legwork on your part but could also come with lower stakes as you’re less likely to end up in the middle of a relationship disaster. Bringing both of your friends aside after a party to see if they want to come home with you seems like the easiest way to initiate the idea. Unless you’re worried about the potential negative consequences of sexualizing a valued friendship (in which case, you shouldn’t be having sex with your friend), the worst thing that can happen is some awkwardness, which you’ll be able to skate over.

Remember, three’s company!


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