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Photo by Lena Wilson '16 | Smith’s process to grant students medical leave and return to campus has been criticized for being complex and inaccessible.

Accessibility on campus: Medical leave at Smith

News April 28, 2016 at 9:05 am 0 comments

  Molly McGuire ’18 News Editor The processes surrounding medical leave at Smith have led to criticism from the student body on multiple occasions. Many students question whether the Smith administration has put enough effort into making sure that this process is fully accessible and accommodating. As it stands, inRead More

Photo courtesy of | Women’s colleges are painted as being safe havens from sexual assault, but that is far from the truth, Katherine Hazen ’18 writes.

Survivorship and silence on Smith campus: Reflections on Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Opinions April 28, 2016 at 9:04 am 2 comments

  Katherine Hazen ’18 Associate Editor When I received my acceptance letter to Smith two years ago, the Department of Education released its list of schools that were under investigation for failures to obey Title IX. On that list were Amherst College and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and itRead More

Photo courtesy of | Smith students can rent ukuleles from the Josten Performing Arts Library for a week at a time.

Getting to know Smith’s Ukulele Club

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  Anna Quintanilla ’19 Contributing Writer Which awesome musical club meets at 4 p.m. every Sunday in the Campus Center? You’ve guessed it: The Ukulele Club! The ukulele is great to learn how to play if you do not know how to play an instrument because it only has fourRead More

Photo Courtesy of|Cheryl Dunye rereleased her movie, “The Watermelon Woman” on its 20th anniversary and presented it at UMass Amherst this past weekend.

Cheryl Dunye visits UMass for 20th anniversary of ‘The Watermelon Woman’

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Erin Batchelder ‘17 Staff Writer On Wednesday, April 20, a small group of students, Five College faculty, and local community members gathered in the Isenberg Center for Business at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Everyone sat scattered across the large lecture hall that was converted into a movie theater forRead More

Three easy dorm room snacks

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Alice Mungyu ’19 Staff Writer With just a few days left of classes and a dreadfully long finals week ahead, you will most likely need something quick and relaxing to help distract yourself from studying. Here are some easy recipes to give yourself a treat to relieve the stress: GreenRead More

Snow days and disability: Administrative ableism in Smith’s winter storms

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Lena Wilson ’16 Contributing Writer As a disabled person and member of the Smith College Disability Alliance, I have ceased to be shocked by the problems with accessibility at this school. As a senior on the precipice of graduation, I’ve learned to let ableist micro- (and macro-) aggressions wash overRead More

Photo by Carolyn Brown '16 | Professor Lawrence Lessig analyzed corruption in the presidential campaign process as part of Smith’s Presidential Colloquium series.

Lawrence Lessig’s view on American Campaign Finance: Republic Lost Version 2.0

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  Sunnie Yi Ning ’18 Assistant News Editor Last week, Harvard Law professor, political activist and former Democratic presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig gave a talk on equal citizenship in Weinstein Auditorium. This lecture was a part of Smith’s Presidential Colloquium series, which features influential speakers throughout the school year. InRead More

Man is almost as unforgiving as nature in ‘The Revenant’

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Tara Coughlin ’19 Staff Writer Recently released on DVD, Alejandro Iñarritu’s “The Revenant” is a film that has now earned widespread recognition seemingly on the sole basis of being “the movie that got Leonardo DiCaprio the Oscar.” Even before the film was released, early trailers were not subtle in theirRead More

Smith set to donate $520,000 to Northampton

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Sophia Zhu ’18 Opinions Editor Earlier this month, Smith announced a voluntary contribution of $520,000 to support its local community. This includes $300,000 unrestricted funds to the City of Northampton that will be paid over the following three years, $200,000 to the Valley Community Development Corporation and the Northampton CommunityRead More

Why Hillary Clinton isn’t winning young women votes like she anticipated

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Anna Casasco ’19 Contributing Writer With the potential to become the first female presidential nominee, you would think that women would vote for her, right? Women would support a fellow woman who is committed to feminist issues over an older white man? That’s what Clinton thought too, but in realityRead More