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Professor Dennis Yasutomo on the Rise of Japan

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Trang Le ’17 Assistant Features Editor On April 13, Dennis Yasutomo, professor of government and East Asian studies at Smith, presented a chaired professor’s talk on Japan’s military and foreign policy titled “Proactive Pacifism: The Rise of Japan, Part Trois?” Yasutomo’s parents met and married in an American relocation centerRead More

Students March in Annual Take Back the Night Rally

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Katherine Hazen ’18 News Editor Smith students marched to raise awareness of sexual assault and violence in a Take Back the Night rally organized by Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA).  Eight students marched while others held a vigil in which survivors read pieces or spoke with the crowd’s tacit promiseRead More

Divestment from Fossil Fuels:  The Current State of the Campaign  at Smith and at Large

Divestment from Fossil Fuels: The Current State of the Campaign at Smith and at Large

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Andrea Schmid ’17 Assistant News Editor On April 9, 48 students from Fossil Free Yale held a peaceful protest in their school’s president’s office. Calling for the administration to reopen the conversation about divesting from fossil fuels, the students quietly entered the offices, handed out flowers and asked to speakRead More

Smith Students Present  Research at Celebrating Collaborations

Smith Students Present Research at Celebrating Collaborations

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Anya Gruber ’16 Associate Editor Celebrating Collaborations, an annual opportunity for Smith students to share research, projects, posters and performances with the community, was held April 18. With several presentation and poster sessions throughout the day, over 100 Smith students participated alongside faculty advisers and other Five College students. “PreparingRead More

2015 Golf Masters

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Brigit McDannell ’18 Sports Editor Since 1934, the Masters Golf Tournament has been a place for golf’s greatest moments. The first full week of April ushers in unique sportsmanship and camaraderie. Over four days and 72 holes, golfers compete for a chance to capture the Green Jacket and a placeRead More

Head Squash Coach Retires After 21 Years

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Hira Humayun ’17 Features Editor Smith’s head squash coach, Tim Bacon, has retired after 21 years of coaching and teaching. Bacon joined Smith in 1994 as the eighth squash coach in Smith’s history and held the longest tenure in the athletic department. As both coach of Smith’s varsity squash teamRead More

2015 Billboard Music Awards

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Gina Mantica ’16 Assistant Arts Editor The finalists for the 2015 Billboard Music Awards were recently released, and to no one’s surprise, a few familiar faces seemed to dominate the list of categories. Taylor Swift leads the pack as the artist with the most nominations (14 in 13 categories) andRead More

‘What We Do in the Shadows’: Bringing Vampires Back

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Erin Batchelder ’17 Staff Writer After a decade of romance, drama and comedy films that brought our familiar fanged friends to the screen, there is one more that embarks on the genre’s last uncharted territory — the vampire documentary. Conceived on the cusp of the “Twilight” fandom and released severalRead More

Concert Review: Lady Lamb

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Phoebe Flynn ’18 and Nina Donoghue ’18 Contributing Writers “Do you ever think to yourself,” Aly Spaltro candidly asked the audience, “I hope I meet a dog today?” Pearl Street, a venue that feels like a cross between a rustic barn and your cool neighbor’s DIY punk basement, seemed likeRead More

‘Modern Family’ and the Line Between Racism and Satire

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Ayaki Kimura ’17 Assistant Opinions Editor Recently, I was watching one of my favorite sitcoms and was caught off-guard by a blatantly racist statement made by one of the characters. Imagine something that a culturally insensitive and bigoted relative might say — one that you have the unfortunate obligation toRead More