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Spooky Halloween Flicks

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Kyle Kaplan ’15 Arts Editor In the weeks leading up to Halloween, I’ve seen people walking around Northampton in costumes, and convenience store windows bordered with cobwebs and jack-o’-lanterns on the front steps of most houses on campus. October 31st has always been my favorite day of the year, inRead More

Photo by Tziona Breitbart '16 | Alanna Lynch ‘17 is the leading goalie in the NEWMAC conference.

Pioneers Goalie Ranked First in NEWMAC Conference

Sports October 31, 2013 at 9:00 am 0 comments

  Erin Richards ’15 Sports Editor First year, Alanna Lynch is the leading goalie in the NEWMAC conference, with 102 goals stopped this season. She is followed by Clark’s goalie with 87 saves. In her first season as a pioneer, Lynch has proved herself an essential part of Smith’s team.Read More

BSA Celebrates Family Weekend

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Gabrielle L. Peterson ’16 Contributing Writer The Black Student Association of Smith College started their 45th year as a chartered organization at with a bang. Their party on Oct. 4 admitted students from a large selection of colleges who flocked to the Carroll Room to mingle and dance. Weeks later,Read More

Making the Marginalized Heard: Transgender Actress Laverne Cox Shares Her Story at UMass

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Sonali Kumar ’14 Contributing Writer On Monday, Oct. 21, actress Laverne Cox of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black spoke at UMass about her perceptions of the series, her upbringing in Mobile, Alabama, and her experiences as a transgender black woman. The event was well-attended, with over 300 students fromRead More

Photo courtesy of Grecourt Gate | Pictured above (from left to right): Marian Wright Edelman, Farah Pandith ‘90, Soledad O’Brien, and Jane Harmon ‘66 during their discussion panel on women’s leadership.

“Just Do It” The Power of Women’s Leadership

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  Dorean Collins ’16 Contributing Writer The Inauguration of Smith College’s 11th President, Kathleen McCartney, also known as K-Mac, took place on Saturday October 19. The day began with the ringing of the college bells, continued with panel discussions, and a bagpipe procession, that all lead to the installation ofRead More

Fighting Imperialism Through Science Fiction

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Nancy Chen ’15 Contributing Writer This Saturday, Oct. 26, Janani Balasubramanian came to Smith to lead a writing workshop, “The Empire Strikes Back to the Future: A Creative Workshop on Time Travel and Imperialism,” on science fiction and time in relationship to history. They also performed “Dear World, We NeedRead More

An Interview with Madeline Klein, Con Chair of Conbust

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Rebecca Raskin ’16 Assistant Features Editor What is Conbust? Madeline Klein: Conbust is a convention devoted to women in science fiction and fantasy – genres that have been dominated mostly by men. It hosts a wonderful array of guests – from authors, to editors, to gamers, to comic bookers, toRead More

Photo by Carmen Pullela '16 | Filmmaker Mariette Monpierre spoke at the Lewis Global Studies Center.

Mariette Monpierre talks at Lewis Global Studies Center

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Fuchsia Spring ’15 Staff Writer Born in Guadeloupe, raised in France, and currently settled in New York City, filmmaker Mariette Monpierre AMS ’85 says that her understanding of herself has evolved through the places and educations that have been made available to her. She credits French democracy with making educationalRead More

Joseph Gordon-Levitt All Grown Up

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Catherine Ellsberg ’16 Assistant Arts Editor Don Jon doesn’t just open onto the movie screen – it explodes. The bursts of sound and saturated color are enough to give you motion sickness, and this isn’t even taking into account the fast-moving images of women’s bodies: stick-thin, tanned and wildly distorted.Read More

American Horror Story Season 3 Review

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Stephanie Kupiec ’15 Contributing Writer In honor of celebrating all things spooky and unnerving for Halloween, FX has debuted the third season of its ongoing gruesomely disturbing television series, American Horror Story. With each new season featuring new actors, new plots, and new scares, season three, American Horror Story: Coven,Read More